Saturday, August 7, 2010


Great job to everybody that had their best day yesterday!!

Shout out to everybody that got promoted today! Elaina, Dom, Brian, Lupe and Sheila to half way Assistant Trainer Level! And to Pinky (Ashley), Devin, Biviana, and Sharon on getting their full Assistant Trainer Levels!! Well deserved Manager Level to Sequoya!! (Iris and I are very proud of you!) Richard got his Executive Level!! Holy cow Richard you are almost done with training and you've only been here for 7 weeks!! Keep it up! Anthony and Jordan on getting promoted to the Executive Office (E.O.)Big stuff poppin! Small stuff stoppin!!

Would like to recognize everybody that volunteered for satellite program this weekend! Putting extra money in your pocket and promotion is always a plus!! We got some true Diehards!!

I will leave this posting with Holly Jacobetz @ MGM Las Vegas 2010! Have a Great weekend Scentura Creations Family!!!

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