Monday, August 23, 2010


"We’ve been reading and watching the news lately and it’s so sad to see what is happening all around the US and the economy. It’s even worse when friends, acquaintances, and family are for the most part living in a time of serious uncertainty. Yesterday afternoon, it really hit us.

A friend of ours who has been to school for years now is struggling on finding a job. This a person who went to Columbia University. She has great grades, she earned her Masters degree a year ago and is currently working on her PHD. She has borrowed hundreds of thousands dollars to finance her schooling. She has applied everywhere she could and has not gotten one job yet. I feel so bad since she’s so stressed out. She feels that she’s been misled. She always thought if she just gets a master’s from a prestigious university she would have no problems getting a successful job and live happily. It’s hard to watch.

Some other people we know have hourly wage jobs that are slowly but surely cutting away at the hours they work. Not only do they not let any of these people work a full time 40 hour week but they start out with about 30 hours and it decreases from there. It gets to the point for most of these people that they only have at most 10-15 hours per week. How do people live off of this?
It’s happening everywhere: Worst Time to Graduate?

To be totally honest, we feel grateful that we don’t have to suffer with this uncertainty. Liz and I don’t have to fear being laid off. I paid off all my debt for my Bachelor’s of Science degree within the 2nd year in business. We don’t worry about bills and our lifestyle is great. This is all due to Scentura. What’s even more amazing is watching other people achieve some success as well. The people we have opened into their own operations all are enjoying the fact that they do not have to worry about the terrible uncertainty that is plaguing the US and the world. We will always be grateful for all of this."

-Evan Salvador, Liz Gelb @ SynergyExpansion.net

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