Tuesday, August 3, 2010


"Congratulations to all the Scentura Creations Family Members who received well deserved awards for all their hard work and dedication!! It was great to see Larry Hahn speak to us about how he started out like the rest of us, and how the Scentura Creations opportunity is based on passing on the chance to other people, and that everyone has equally the same opportunity as the people who came before them!!! It was great to hear from people who said that if it wasn’t for the Scentura Creations family members who helped them starting out their careers, there would be no chance for them anywhere else!!! Special thanks to Larry Hahn, Marc Schottenfeld, Carol Schottenfeld, & especially Sheri for making the 2010 Family Reunion the Best Ever!!!"

Kerry Brunson with Scentura Creations @www.KerryBrunson.com

Chris Westphal Onyx Wholesale Arvada, Co (303)940-3580

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