Saturday, July 10, 2010


Great job to everybody that got promoted! Rich (squared), Connie, Yesenia, Travis, Mariela and Lara way to get your full Asst. Trainer levels!! Congrats to Naomi, and Roberta on becoming Trainer Levels!! Way to step it up Richard (one)! We've defiantly threw you out in the training pool and did a great job! Jessica got her first 21 club!!! Do I hear keys??? uhm hum!!

Its was super awesome having Richard (one)'s dad be at the promotion meeting today. Also Jordan's dad was a definite cherry on the top (Thank you for everything you said at the end it means more than I can explain). I'm glad that when parents finally give us a chance to invite them over, and see why their (kids) are working so hard. It give me a great feeling, seeing the parent(s) with a better piece of mind(s), know their children are in good hands with us and the company

HUGE SHOUT OUT to Richard Greenley, Doug Zirbel, Larry Hahn for making this all possible. To allow Iris and I to help other people into their own businesses, with no school, no money, no investment, other than, hard work, time, and a fair attitude. Its truly the best thing going!

Congratulations to everybody that volunteered for Fun Car/Satellite program! Way to make extra money, and get through the program faster! I'm so proud of you.

Chris Westphal Onyx Wholesale Arvada, Co (303)940-3580

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