Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Shout out to Phill, Richard (Only been here a week and a day) and Diane for getting their Senior Trainer Level's. You guys are half way there!! Keep kickin' butt!

Congrat's to Tyler and Juan on becoming Trainer's, and Naomi on getting her full Assistant Trainer Level. Big things are happing at Onyx!

Huge shout out to Yesenia, Travis, Mariela, and Lara on getting on the fast track, cutting a half of a week off out training, and getting your first pick of cities!!! Thats an awesome way to start your career's.

2 more week till Vegas I can't wait to see Can’t wait to see Larry Hahn, Marc and Carol Schottenfeld, Kerry Brunson, Donny Zinkin, Holly Jacobetz, Doug and Amy Su Zirbel and the rest of the family. I know it cannot be any hotter in Vegas than it is here.! Its gonna be a blasty blast!!

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