Monday, July 12, 2010


Ready to start a new week!! It's going to be awesome! I'm so excited for everybody in the office. We took Lonnie and Jessica (MJ) to go check out there potential office. I think we got one pinned down!

10 More day till Vegas!! Holy cow, its just barely starting to set in, that we'll be on vacation in a week and a half... I have a feeling is coming sooner than I think. I can't wait to see Larry Hahn, Marc Schottenfeld, Carol Schottenfeld, Donny Zinkin, Holly Jacobetz, Doug Zirbel, Rob Zuckert, Ricki Zuckert, Liz Gelb, Evan Salvador, Kerry Brunson, Early, Jazmine, Alexis Herandez, Pat Pritty, Mike Gilchrist, Brian Warner, Mark Gray, Rosie Portillo, J.D. Smith, Kurt Sanger, Bella Aminov, Tony Nguyen, Ryan Valle, and too many more to mention!!!

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