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Larry Hahn (in the range and private jet in the back ground), Doug, and Amy Su Zirbel

founder of Scentura Creations,
a Leading Provider of High-Quality Fragrance Products to Independent Distributors worldwide.

Larry Hahn grew up average... an average town, an average upbringing, an average talent, an average student...
He never gained much education or experience, and certainly wasn't the type that you'd predict would one day become one of the largest wholesale fragrance distributors in the world.

How It All Started
When Larry was in his late 20's, he was going from dead-end job to dead-end job, and living paycheck to paycheck. A reality that is all-too familiar for a lot of people, especially in economically difficult times like these.
Finally, he realized that he wasn't ever going to become a success working for someone else. He'd had enough, and decided he was going to build a business that would make not only himself successful, but would make the people that came to work with him successful as well.

A Simple Business
Since he didn't have much business experience, and had no technical skills to speak of, he needed a simple business idea. He realized that the simplest formula for a business is to purchase a product in bulk, and sell each item for a small mark-up. A basic business concept that required the one skill Larry actually had, the ability to talk to people.
Early on, Larry began purchasing housewares and other consumer goods in bulk lots. He used every dollar he could scrape together to purchase goods, and then distributed them to the public for a small profit.

Soon he had enough money to start purchasing larger wholesale lots and lease a warehouse space. At this point he knew it was time to start thinking about how to expand the business.

An Opportunity is Born
Larry believed in the idea that "the more people you help become successful, the more successful you'll become." And he knew that if he was going to expand his business, he needed to teach other people how to do what he does.
He immediately began bringing on new distributors, showed them how to move the product, keep the money and inventory straight, and become good business people.

Early Success
As business continued to grow, and more people came to work with him, he continued opening new offices and giving his distributors a chance to run their own business based on the formula he had taught them.
One of the keys to Larry's early success is that he fronted all the merchandise to the distribution centers. He was literally putting people into business for themselves on a handshake.

Scentura Creations
Soon, Larry decided it was time to make a change. He wanted to supply his offices with a product that was easier, more manageable, and more recession-proof. He went in search of a new product in an industry that could sustain growth over the long term.
When Larry decided to look into the fragrance industry, it was a perfect fit. With hundreds of millions in revenue annually, a long history of stability in the industry, and the fact that it's a smaller, light-weight product, he knew this is where he needed to be.

Scentura Creations was born, complete with its own line of high-quality rendition fragrances and a new trademark, Observe' L'Essence.

The fragrance products were immediately a hit, sales for his offices spiked dramatically, and the company hasn't looked back.

Still Going Strong
Having been in business for more than 35 years now, Larry has seen hundreds of people become millionaires using a simple business formula that he created so many years ago. He had this to say of the many years of success his business has seen...

"I never dreamed I would ever become as successful as I have. But what I'm most proud of is how many people I've watched start with nothing, literally nothing, learn this simple formula, and within just a short time, they're running their own business and living the life they always wanted. How much you help other people is the true measure of success."

written by Nicholas Brunson

Iris Flores
Chris Westphal
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