Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I got this from Kerry Brunsons web site what a great story:

"When it comes to talking about Scentura Creations being a family, I would use Rob Zuckert & Ricki Zuckert, And their Incredible kids, Riley & Ryan!!! When we were on our Scentura Creations vacation in Maui we celebrated their 20 year wedding anniversary, as well as their 20 year anniversary with Scentura Creations!!! We spent hours reflecting on all the good times we had on our journey, and how thankful we are to have met, and the rewards the scentura opportunity has provided us, not to mention all the incredible cars we have, and The story about when they showed up to start their career in a Uhaul to now living in a 1,200,000.00 home with two beatiful kids!!! Its A Blessing to be a part of the Scentura Creations Family, and a great blessing to have such great friends like Rob zuckert & Ricki Zuckert!!!! Love Always Kerry Brunson, 714-630-4900, O.C. Marketing Group"

Rob also commented on their anniversary:

"Ricki, Riley, Ryan and myself owe million$ of “Thank You’$” to Larry Hahn and Scentura Creations for your unwavering support and committment. We have now been a Scentura Creations Distribution Center for 20 YEARS STRONG!
To Kerry Brunson: You have been one the GREATEST INFLUENCES in and on our entire lives. Thank you for your loyalty, dedication, friendship and undying enthusiasm! Our many success’ are a tribute to what you mean to us! Who would have thought you could build a million $ a year business from just a handful of perfume bottles that you and Larry Hahn trusted us with at the beginning."

Rob and Ricki Zuckert
Firebird Management
909 S. Rte. 83. Ste. 106
Elmhurst, IL.

Iris Flores
Chris Westphal
Onyx Wholesale Arvada, Co

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