Monday, November 22, 2010


"Scentura Creations Family Members from Denver, Minnesota, San Jose, and Southern California came together to kick off the Christmas season with Special guest and Scentura Creations Founder, Larry Hahn!!! He explained the opportunity to all the motivated Scentura Creations Family Members, and stressed the importance in taking advantage of the very real chance to be in business with no investment, education or credit, and how it will take hard work, dedication, and a sincere desire to succeed!!! The super motivated speakers included Doug Zirbel, Amysu Zirbel, Liz Gelb, Evan Salvador, Chris Westphal, Iris Flores, and Kerry Brunson!!! Congratulations to all the well deserved awards received for Outstanding Achievement and Rising Stars!! Scentura Creations owners medallions were presented to Amanda Capirchio, Tony Nguyen, and Ryan Valle for their achievements!!! Bella Aminov, Amanda, Ryan, and Tony were treated to a special lunch with Larry Hahn after the event!!! It is sure to be an incredible season in the perfume business!!!"

-Always, Kerry Brunson of KerryBrunson.com

Iris Flores
Chris Westphal
Onyx Wholesale Arvada, Co

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