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The search for the best product resulted in the birth of Observé L Éssence line of rendition fragrances. In its combined role as manufacturer and distributor, we enjoy a rapidly growing position within the fragrance industry-a ten billion dollar-a-year business.

By maintaining A-Z control over the manufacture of its products, Observé L Éssence line of rendition fragrances is assured its consistent demands are met for the highest quality at the best costs. The process of perfume manufacturing is very exacting. From the first flower picked to the last fragrant drop, perfection is the single goal. To this end, an international team of the world's most respected suppliers work in collaboration with Observé L Éssence line of rendition fragrances.
Raw materials are gathered and processed in Grasse, France known throughout the perfume world for its expertise. The New Jersey mixing plants refine these imported materials. Natural and synthetic ingredients are carefully blended into the necessary fragrant oils. Creative offices in New York formulate a desired scent according to the company's specifications. Equipped with a perfumer's library of thousands of essences, The "nose" (the inventive talent) has the time consuming task of defining the actual scent. Our company painstakingly analyzes many submissions before accepting a final formula. Stringent quality controls guide the testing and mixing of the actual formula. State of the art testing techniques assure the safety and quality of our fragrances without the need to test on animals. The finished fragrance is then shipped to Scentura Creations in-house filling plant for bottle filling and assembly into the finished product.
The product is now ready for shipment to independent distributors throughout the world! Since Scentura Creations doesn't cut corners in the manufacture of its rendition products, just where do the savings come from that allow Observé L Éssence to be marketed at a much lower cost than other designer fragrances? The Company saves in many ways. Its product line features every popular scent, while continually adding only the latest, proven successes. Although our product has been advertised nationally on television and in major magazines (see below), our promotional and advertising costs are minuscule compared to those of other designers. Therefore, having established such a loyal base of independent distributors, Observé L Éssence can cut out the high overhead costs of middlemen and department store mark ups. Ordering click the"Order Online" icon, or talk to your local rep. (303)940-2580

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