Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We are really doing a great job in most areas. The job market has made it so that recruiting in all of our offices has doubled. In certain parts of the region it has tripled. Although it is great to be in the position to have jobs available, unfortunately Scentura Creations have began experiencing a bit of a negative backlash. We have a choice, we can slow down our recruiting and expansion or we can fight back.

It has come to our attention that with the technology of the WORLD WIDE WEB, as great as it is, there is one area that still needs work. That area revolves around unverifiable postings, nameless bloggers, anonymous people with made up events and of course the now infamous, Internet extortion Websites.

We have had such a tremendous response to our recruiting ads we are now having turn a very large number of people a way, even some that we feel would be great additions to Scentura Creations. As you know managing people is a skill and even though it would be great to have 100+ people in our office it is not feasible for most. Due to office size, parking issues and well, just not enough hours to effectively teach and train that many people. Therefore this has posed the first part of the problem. The second part of the problem which is where the negative backlash is taking effect is that some of the people who have not been accepted are a bit upset. The anger they have, we do not feel is because you as the manager has done something wrong but, unfortunately with the job market being what it is, they feel a need to take their anger out on others and well, since you have a job and won't give it to them, then you must be bad.

Scentura Creations are wanting to remain professional in trying to resolve this issue, even though those that have taken a negative stance towards our business, the company and even some of the managers personally have not by any stretch of the word been "professional" at all. What has been brought to our attention are the websites that are primarily "bloggers" venting and they are an outlet for angry ex-employees to vent and trash the company they worked for, the boss, co-workers, etc. these particular websites also encourage it's own employees to post negative things about businesses for more traffic. We have contacted these sites which was very difficult to do, but were told that any untrue posts would be removed once we join their program (for money). Then they would see to it we would get a perfect rating with them. The amount to join is so much because of the size of Scentura Creations, we could pay, but would then have to eliminate bonuses, profit sharing and vacations, of course we will not do that, so we need to educate ourselves and our people about this. We have decided to use our voice and fight back.

We have put more information about this through out this blog, and how to handle the situation if it happens in your office. Please read all the information and pass it along to your office staff, trainees and distributors. We know this is a trivial and yes a very ridiculous situation, but we feel that it needs to be addressed.

We prefer to expose the problem as oppose to ignore or hide the problem.

Iris Flores
Chris Westphal
Onyx Wholesale Arvada, Co
5783 Sheridan Frontage Rd. #204
Arvada, CO.

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