Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"Do you remember being younger, people always asking “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I never really knew what I was going to be, but I always pictured a life style that involved luxurious cars, clothes, vacations, homes. There came a point in time when I suddenly lost that picture when I dropped out of college. I thought that the only way I would ever be able to achieve my dream life was to do what everyone always told me to do…that was four years ago. I answered an ad in the paper that said office help four years ago as well, what would have been the beginning of a long process of job hunting ended with the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m now celebrating my 24th birthday next month with the company I grew up in! It’s amazing how much has changed in me, I look back on my old lifestyle the me before this business, and I almost cringe at the thought of where I might have been today had I given up when everybody told me to quit. It was hard for me to burn bridges with people that I love and grew up with from childhood, the problem was that they were broke. And I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow myself to give in. When people told me I would never be more than what “I’m destined to be”, I was like, what the hell does that mean anyways. So instead of letting society determine what I’m supposed to be, I decided to grab hold of the reigns and get my future back. I’m just so grateful. The best part is nobody handed me anything, I never expected a handout, the juice, the fire, and the burning desire was all the strength I needed to get what I want. I am a woman, I am independent, and I am my own boss. What could be better?

Thank you Larry Hahn for the Scentura Creations opportunity! Thank you Mike Brown and Gabriel Herrera for sharing the same vision! And being the best partners ever! Thank you Evan Salvador and Elizabeth Gelb for being the best mentors ever, you guys always know just the right thing to say for any occasion! I love you guys!"

Katrina Tan @ sbsmanagement.biz/ with Scentura Creations
Iris Flores
Chris Westphal
Onyx Wholesale Arvada, Co

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