Saturday, June 26, 2010


"When I met Larry 30 years ago at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas, I never could have imagined this would be my lifelong career!!! I learned how to be a businessman, how to have the right attitude about every aspect of my life, I supported my family, Have everything I ever wanted, traveled the world,and been able to help other people do the same !!! What an incredible company to have enabled someone like myself, with a high school education, no money, no credit, and no plan to be successful, other than the hope that someday I could become a waiter, to have been able to learn everything I needed to know on how to run a successful business, be given all the money I needed, with out a penny invested on my part is unheard of!!! with lots of hard work, a good attitude, not listening to negative people, and a commitment to doing whatever it takes, all my dreams came true!!! People always think, If I could just get the chance I would take advantage of it!! That was the day I met Larry!!!"

Always, Kerry Brunson from KerryBrunson.com

Chris Westphal Onyx Wholesale Arvada, Co (303)940-3580

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