Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We love ripoffreport

So I (Chris) was looking on ripoffreport, and I wanted to see what other businesses are complained about or listed. I was pretty amazed to find Smokers, Disney World, Ford Motor Company, BlockBuster, Colgate, President Obama and your beloved Walmart. If you still believe everything on ripoffreport, your just as silly as the people posting there life away on everything they don't agree with. One of these days I'm going to put a report against the people I hire when they make a boo boo hahaha. I'll let you know when I do it.

There are a few posts below that have a substantial amount of evidence and proof that leads us and MANY other to believe the real rip off is ripoffreport. Scroll down and look for yourself. If you plan on doing any REAL research do it right.


  1. What a surprise! I use the ripoff report all the time, but I don't see all those fake reports you're talking about. I'm smart enough to know when something's fake, but what I see there are just normal people trying to get their money back or warn people about new ripoffs. Like, one I just saw recently was about how if your kids take this cell phone IQ test, they end up getting subscribed to a $10/month service they didn't even know they signed up for. My son had just taken the same quiz, and I was there to learn about it (after my company charged me for one month). Apparently that company had a lot of complaints because they settled a class action lawsuit last year...and they're still doing it, but using a different name. So, I don't get what you mean by the site being a ripoff. I got instructions on how to get my money back. I think it's really useful, and we all need it!!

  2. I would agree with you to a certain extent. I'm talking about the people that are able to abuse it, with no REAL research. Just anybody can post on it, any company they want. Also how they manipulate google in my opinion is a rip off. If you post something bad about the founder Ed he will delete it, but they wont delete any other posts. Its not fair to hard working business owners (myself) and many many other business have the same concerns. You can't make everybody happy, I dont plan to, but doesnt mean they have to make it harder on everybody else. I think they need to do more research before going as far as they do.